Life in your own home is richer and more satisfying when you’re part of a close-knit community of neighbours.


Cohousing: the next wave

We live in our own homes, while warm relationships and sharing with neighbours makes life richer and more meaningful.


Live a life you love…

in a beautiful cluster of brand-new homes that share gardens, common meals, and other amenities.



Welcome to the Fernwood Urban Village

Fernwood Urban Village, a multi-generational cohousing community in Victoria, British Columbia, invites you to keep what you’ve enjoyed about your current home (choice, privacy, market value) while adding more of what you’re longing for (sharing, connection, and a smaller footprint on the Earth).


We’re looking for like-minded people to join us in living our vision of a thriving, warm cohousing "village." By becoming a member of Fernwood Urban Village (FUV) during our construction phase, you will have the first opportunity to own a beautiful strata home—sharing common organic gardens, spacious indoor facilities, and the intention to build meaningful relationships with others.